Fully customisable 3rd generation RC flight simulator

Order AccuRC Simulator - Europe

If you’d like to get your hands on AccuRC then please select items from the following list. Please note that the default connection lead is suitable for Spektrum and JR radios using a 3.5mm jack plug. If you are using another transmitter such as Futaba, Hitec etc then please make sure you select the appropriate adapter.

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Minimum spec
Intel/AMD dual core 2.5ghz or four core (or more) 2ghz, 4gb memory, Nvidia 8600M GS or Geforce 9400, Mobility Radeon X1800 or Radeon HD 4250, 2.5gb hard drive space (5GB required for install), DirectX compatible sound card, Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

Recommended Spec
Intel i5 2.5ghz or AMD FX8350, 4GB ram, Nvidia GTX 660 or Radeon R9 270, Nvidia GTX680M or Radeon HD7970M or equivalents. 2.5GB Hard Drive Space (5GB required for install). DirectX compatible sound card. Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

AccuRC works with all major brands of transmitter.
Supported transmitter brands include but are not limited to: Spektrum, Futaba, JR, Airtronics, Sanwa, Hitec, Graupner, Multiplex, Mikado VBar Control, Interlink and Gamepads.

Description Quantity Price (per item)    
AccuRC Product
AC1000 - Complete AccuRC package including USB adapter and a 3.5mm to 3.5mm Tx connection lead. You will need to download the simulator itself from our download page here:

Please note that AccuRC is supplied with a 3.5mm jack plug suitable for JR and Spektrum transmitters. Please check the list below for compatible adapters if you are using a different transmitter.
Spare Lead
AC101 - Replacement 3.5mm to 3.5mm 1.2m Transmitter extension lead
Futaba Square Adapter
AC102 - 3.5mm to Futaba square adapter lead for use with later Futaba Transmitters
Futaba Din Adapter
AC103 - 3.5mm to Futaba Din (round) adapter for use with earlier Futaba Transmitters
Hitec Din Adapter
AC104 - 3.5mm to Hitec Din adapter for use with Hitec Transmitters
DX5 Adapter
AC105 - 3.5mm to Spectrum DX5 adapter only use for Spectrum DX5 Transmitters
C100 Adapter
AC107 - 3.5mm to C100 adapter, for use with C100 based Transmitters
Multiplex Adapter
AC108 - 3.5mm to 270 Din for use with Multiplex transmitters
Sanwa Adapter
AC109 - 3.5mm to Din 180 for use with Sanwa Transmitters
Mini Din Adapter
AC110 - 3.5mm to Mini Din adapter, for use with E Sky based Transmitters
Spektrum Satellite Adapter
AC111 - Wireless adapter kit, for use with Spektrum satellite systems, receiver not included
Futaba S Bus Adapter
AC112 - Wireless adapter kit for use with Futaba S BUS systems, receiver not included