Why do I need Steam?

Steam is a gaming platform for PC and Mac. Think of it as a platform that roughly works like the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore, but for games and other software.

For AccuRC it means that we can push updates very quickly without you needing to download the full sim over and over again. If you leave the Steam client running in the background, it will even keep the sim up to date automatically for you when you arent even using the PC.

Furthermore, Steam allows us to make beta versions available to everyone keen to test. Developing software as complex as AccuRC is hard, but with your feedback we can ensure that AccuRC can be the best product possible.

Steam also allows online model sharing through the Steam Workshop integrated with AccuRC, where you can publish your setups or try others’.

Steam will synchronize your settings and models across all your computers. This means that once you have set it up a model, it will automatically sync to your other computers/laptops, or if you get a new computer, you can just login and all your models are there ready and waiting for you.

Lastly, Steam’s licensing is cross platform, so if you own AccuRC on Steam, you can install it on either a Mac or a PC or both if you wish.

Does my Transmitter work with AccuRC?

The short answer is yes. There almost always is at least one method to connect your transmitter to your PC. There are numerous USB dongles on the market that work with the vast majority of transmitters and many transmitter brand that support direct USB.

If your TX has a trainer port, then, for example, the HobbyKing 9-in-1 dongle will work with.

Some manufacturers like Spektrum and FrSky have their own wireless dongles that allows you to use your transmitter wirelessly, or you can purchase the OrangeRX equivalent.

Some transmitters don’t even need a dongle. FrSky, Jeti, VControl and Devo (with the right firmware) will work with just a USB cable from the Transmitter to the PC.

The golden rule is that if it appears in Windows as a USB Game Controller (joy.cpl) (not just a HID device), it will work with AccuRC.

There are also various dedicated USB transmitters like the RealFlight Interlink transmitters that will work with AccuRC.

The 2 main dongles that will NOT work with AccuRC, as they are proprietary devices, are the Phoenix dongle and the Realflight Interface that connects to your transmitter.

How do I configure my transmitter to work with AccuRC?

For some dongle and transmitter combinations we presets for instance the real flight controller all you need to do is select the preset and calibrate in AccuRC and Windows.

We have a number of Youtube videos to help with setting up your transmitter and its switches with AccuRC check out the playlist on Youtube


I am seeing drift on some axis even with my sticks neutral.

Make sure your transmitter is calibrated correctly and all axes are centered at 0. If that’s the case and you’re still seeing drift, try increasing the deadband in transmitter config, it’s set rather low by default.

Does AccuRC work on a Mac?

Yes! Although it is currently a Beta. We are working out some final bugs we want to fix before we make it an official release.

If you would like to provide feedback, feel free to join our Discord server.

Why are there no fixed wing on Mac?

We are currently working on an update to the fixed wing physics and a whole lot of new fixed wing models. It would have been a lot of work port the old physics working to Mac, so we decided to hold off and just put the new physics engine in to the Mac version when its ready. That means we have more time to iron out bugs, which we decided is worth skipping FW for now for.

I have version 1, how do I upgrade?

We offered AccuRC 2 as a free upgrade all the way back in 2017 with the intention to migrate our loyal user base. If you didn’t upgrade in 2017, then unfortunately you are going to need to head to our web store and purchase AccuRC 2 there, due to the fact we are running on Steam now we have been able to greatly reduce the price compared to other simulators.

Why are autorotation difficulty and collective feel different compared to my real thing?

Short answer, they arent, you probably just haven’t taken advantage of all settings yet! The main parameters to affect these things globally are air density and temperature in flight mode settings. Setting these to your usual flying conditions can make quite a difference already as they directly affect reynolds nubers, lift and drag. Additionally, make sure you use the blades you also use in real lift to have the correct airfoils/chords simulated. A NACA0014 blade will never autorotate even similarly to a VTX blade, for example.

How do I setup my transmitter to work with AccuRC?

With the massive variety of transmitters and dongles out there its hard to cover them all, However we have videos that cover the most common methods and a general video if none of them match.