In AccuRC we offer 2 types of Scenery.

The Photo sceneries are photo realistic offering a new level of precision and detail. Topographical detail and collision mapping are accurate with data taken from mapping services. The models are scaled correctly against the scenery and not artificially enlarged to create an unrealistic experience.

The “free roam” sceneries are ideal for FPV flying offering locations that you would see in the real world as well as places you could never fly in the real world without being arrested!

Flying sites can be configured with realistic wind options modelled on authentic wind gradients – the higher you fly the higher the wind speed. Additionally the wind effects are nonlinear and include gusting and turbulence relating to the topography of each specific field. To maintain a reference you can select the windsock feature providing wind direction information.

Different surfaces offer varying levels of friction and ground handling properties for aircraft. Additionally the ground will interact with moving objects such as rotor blades – touch the grass with your rotor tips you’ll see a puff of dust appear as the ground is disturbed.

Each environment has unique audio properties that interact directly with the model you have selected resulting in a slightly different acoustic signature depending on the location, and also which part of the field you’re flying in.